Leather Designs In Your Clothes Business

Leather Designs

Leather Designs

Offering leather designs in your clothes business has many areas for potential and real success.  This may be leather designs in the form of leather handbags to leather coats or jackets.

The wonderful thing about designing in leather is that this medium never goes out of fashion.  It always looks smart and takes many wears or even many years before the garment looks worn.

Leather garments can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on your mood or the event.  Many people love wearing leather garments because of the feel of it and in the autumn or fall, love the comfort it gives on a cold evening.

Leather Designs

Recently in London, I noticed that Rick Owens, designer of high fashion leather garments, has opened a large two storey shop at 64 South Audley Street in London.  If you get the chance, please go along there to see the incredible work of this leather designer.

With your leather designs, amazing garments can be created … and with the potential of offering a service, to size!

Spend a few moments watching the video below.  It may inspire you to create your own leather designs.

Fashion Fix: Leather Pants

Now, they may not be for everyone but consider also mixing leather with other textiles!

Can you imagine what could be created?

Leather Designs Tools

The tools you would require to create your own leather designs would be easy to acquire.  They could be using a specific sewing maching to eventually moving onto a leather sewing machine.  In fact, if you already have a sewing machine than all you would need would be the Schmetz sewing machine needles.  These needles are specif for sewing leather and other heavy non woven materials and are compatible for most sewing machines.   Also, by starting off using these sewing needles, you would not be incurring much cost when starting your own clothes business

Another alternative is that you could also consider outsourcing the samples thus saving you the cost of purchasing machinery and the time involved in learning to operate them sucessfully.

Leather Designs In Your Clothes Business  –  Conclusion

Concentrating on leather designs either as a leather business totally or as a compliment to your cloths business must surely be worth considering. There are so many different areas you could specialise in or alternatively, as mentioned previously, you could incorporate the leather into your already unique designs, thus making them more desirable to some of your potential customers.

Consider also the leather accessories you could create if you did not want to actually create leather garments.  However, allow yourself to spend time contemplating all the leather designs you could create to add to your clothes business.

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