Create Fashion Design Illustration From Scratch

Fashion design illustration is something which we can teach ourselves if we have the right information at our finger tips.  You may think that it’s easier said than done especially when you’ve probably never sketched in your life.  Or worst still tried and all your figures land up looking like square blocks.

But, I have some good news because I’ve been doing some research on the subject and came up with some very interesting information

My original intention was to list some of the books I’ve been researching but as luck would have it, I found, what I consider to be the number one book to own.

Read ahead and I’ll explain why …

(I’ve put the link at the bottom because I want to explain why I think it would be great for you first!)

Amazingly, this book is used not only by teachers to teach the subject to their students but is has also been recommended by teachers for their students of fashion illustration to go out to buy and use it.  To me, that can only be the very best recommendation. Having been a teacher myself, successful students are a teacher’s priority, so finding the right information to pass on them is one major step in that direction.

The main focus of the book is in encouraging students to develop their own creativity in sketching contemporary fashion drawings of their visions taking into account the historical fashion illustration of the past, as well as including the present and future.

Illustration demonstrations of all gender and ages are covered, which is an important element of being a fashion illustrator.  You need to make sure that your have the skills to accommodate any request for illustrations required across the board and this book certainly covers that as well as the multimedia platforms you will need to be familiar with.

Accompanying the book are two DVDs which enable you to see the drawings.  Also included within the DVD’s are images showing techniques and demonstrations of other elements within  the fashion design of the garment, which you may not even have thought about and how to do them.

Reading through all the reviews on this book … it seems that most people had bought other books on the subject but found this to be the very best.

One person even said that it was great for those who don’t quite know how to draw because of the step by step instructions that go with the illustrations.

After reading this and checking through the book … this is a must for me and I am definitely going to get a copy for when I start designing again next year.

There are others on the market but it appears to me that this is the Rolls Royce and well worth every penny spent.

I’ve put the link here for you to check it.  Fashion Design Illustration –  the cover is fabulous too.

I honestly believe that these fashion illustration sketches are a wonderful art in themselves.  After seeing these, you may even decide that you don’t want to have your own fashion design business but would prefer to be one of the best fashion illustration artists instead … what wonderful  choices you have  🙂

Still want to be a fashion designer

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  1. Terrance Brown says:

    I Love the Information,that your sending me,Thanks and Please Send More!!!!!

  2. Fashion Business Formula says:

    Hi Terrance

    Thank you so much. I just love the thought of others living their dream of creating their own clothes business and I would love to know that one day, it will be you.

    Thank you Terrance.

    AnneMarie 🙂

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