Preparing For Your Fashion Exhibition

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Your fashion exhibition stand is something you will have to give great consideration to.

Exhibiting at fashion exhibitions is part of growing your fashion business. Now is the time to start researching and preparing for these events because the more organized you are, the better your chances of gaining significant orders will be. Following are sites which may give you some ideas for your own fashion exhibition stand

Van Skye™ World | Art | Design | Fashion | Models | Style …

Mr. Brainwash in London. The French street artist has taken the world by storm with his unique images uses graffiti, stencil, acrylic, screen print and vinyl applied to canvas, paper and cardboard. This taster is to whet the …

The Art Of Fashion Exhibition | Trend.Land -> Fashion Blog & Trend …

The art of fashion – installing illusions, is an exhibition exploring the interaction between art and fashion in collaboration with H+F Collection. Five fashion designers have been commissioned to create work specifically for this …

Art Of Fashion, Photography & Illustration Exhibition & Designer …

Photography & Illustration Exhibition & Designer Runway Show to be held on the evening of Friday October 16th from 9pm – 11pm (yes that’s tomorrow) at the legendary Webster Hall NYC .

There is an awful lot involved in exhibiting successfully at your first fashion exhibition but all the information you would need to gain orders is covered in the Online Fashion Course, a course written by someone who exported worldwide from sales derived at fashion exhibition events, including the London Fashion Week.

Be prepared for your Fashion Exhibition well in advance.

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