Lace Fashion

Lace fashion garments are always in demand by women.  There is something mystical about this delicate fabric which brings out the femininity of a woman.

Artifacts - 70's Fashion Plate Front
Image by Heather Lucille via Flickr

The construction of the lace is an art in itself when done in the traditional way with the lace bobbins.

However the time involved makes this an impracticality  but with technology available now, it’s possible to knit a lace garment in just a few hours with the help of a knitting machine with or without a lace attachment.

It’s just a case of familiarizing yourself with the technique and once mastered, you’ll be in a position ofbeing able to create lace fashion garments or even designer hats using your own constructed lace.

You could also consider mixing your lace fabrics with another textile, such as leather!

This may conjure up many creative designs which you would not otherwise have thought about and would have a mass appeal.  Such a design would certainly be very marketable in the fashion industry.

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