Inspirational Stories of Fashion Designers

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Inspirational stories of fashion designers have always inspired those who actually want to become a fashion designer, achieve their goal. 

For many, they can’t move forward from ‘the dream’ .

However, what many fashion designers (including Vivienne Westwood) have achieved is possible for anyone with the right determindation and tenacity.

It’s easy to sit and day dream but with the right direction it’s just as easy to … for for it!

Vivienne Westwood


I hope this one story alone helps you to realise your own potential and inspires you to take that first step to start your own clothes business.

Vivienne Westwood’s fashion career has now moved into home interiors with her recent move to designing wallpaper ! 

Fashion and interior design! Anything is possible … for anyone!

Leave a comment below if you can share any inspirational stories which have motivated you, in your determination to become a fashion designer.

Do you want to start a clothes business?

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