Fashion Design Studio

A fashion design studio is something every aspiring fashion designer would love to own when they start a fashion design business.  A lot of people have the facilities to be able to create such a studio in their own homes.

Fashion Studio: Riccardo Tisci

(Just imagine if you had the space and the freedom to allow yourself to be so creative, then it would be your video I would be showing above!)

But remember, there are advantages and disadvantages to actually having your studio in your home.

Some of the advantages are that…

  • you are within seconds of their work place;
  • you are available for their families at all times;
  • the cost is nominal;

Ane then the disadvantages are that …

  • you are easily distracted by other members of the family;
  • you don’t get the chance to interact with other people;
  • you may waste time when uninvited people call;

When you do decide where you will have your studio, take into account the decor. You’ll need lots of wall space to pin your swatches, sketches and daily notes on.  You’ll also need to have all the stationery necessary to ensure that your studio is always neat and tidy, so that you don’t waste precious time hunting for things let alone be embarrassed by customers calling unexpectedly!  It can happen, so it makes sense to always be prepared.

Your fashion design studio is a place you’ll be spending a lot of time in and therefore it’s necessary to make sure that it is a place where you’ll be able to focus on work and most importantly be productive in.

Plan what you would like in your fashion studio carefully.  Consider music!  What type of music helps you to relax and be more concentrated.  I used to love having Mozart in the background when I worked in my own fashion studio.

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