Fashion Business Marketing Success of Trands

The following fashion business marketing success is related to Trands, a brand created by the fashion designer of tailored suits,  “Madame Li”, real name  Li Guilian.

This is an amazing fashion success story which starts from her growing up as a farmer’s daughter and with a single sewing machine, she started making suits 30 years ago for the Chinese peasants, to eventually enticing the wealthiest men in the world to wear her Dayang Trands, suits.

Sewing machine to business success

Sewing machine to business success.

Buffett, the second wealthiest man, according to Forbes, is one such customer.

Dalian, China, known for its manufacturing of petrochemicals and computer exports is now recorded as being an area for high fashion exports, due to the success of Dayang Trands.

“Madame Li’s brand Trands, went from making simple outfits for the field workers.  Slowly they expanded into making more difficult garments and it was her trip to Japan to observe the suit-making techniques in the factories there which led her to expand her business to now producing more than 15 million garments a year.  These are now exported around the world.

One of their main marketing ploys was very cleverly executed.

When Mr Buffet was visiting Dallan, the location of Madame Li’s manufacture, he was tracked down and measured for a suit.  In fact, he was gifted with two suits.  These fitted him so well, that when he returned to the States, he found that he was receiving compliments on his dress, so he ordered six more.  Bill Gates is now also a customer of Madame Li’s brand.

She is convinced that Buffett’s endorsement gave the company a tremendous boost to their company.

But she was unique, in the fact that her garments were made to the highest specification and were tailored to compare on an equal par with other very expensive suit around the world.

Her entrepreneural spirit for creating a very successful business is also unique in a country where the majority of successful businesses in China have some form of state ownership.

If going down the route of becoming a fashion designer and starting your own fashion business is what you want to aspire to, what lessons can be derived from this true story of fashion business success?

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