Fashion Books For Fashion Design Inspiration

Should you use fashion books for your own fashion design inspiration?  There are two side to this, from what I remember! Yes, fashion books are great for inspiring you but …

at the same time, they can also take away your inspiration simply because you become overloaded with ideas and eventually lose total focus on what you really want to achieve with your new designs.

A way around this is to just browse the books whilst relaxing. Don’t go to the books in the hope that you will be inspired.

However, if you do find something, make a note of the book and the page.  Later go back and see what exactly it was that inspired you and see if there is any way that you could create your own unique garment.  This is not to say that you are to copy the design in any way but just glancing at something which inspires you, can lead you to design a totally different creation, from that inspiration.

What about your own designs …? Have you ever thought of publishing your own Fashion Book?

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