Designer Hats and David Shilling

Designer hats is how David Shilling expressed himself in the fashion industry.

A quote I read recently from David follows …
I have chosen to communicate not in words but in shapes and tones.” and

“The message when I design is simply that to be alive is a gift, so every day whould be a celebration”

This very gifted man has gone on to motivate others to allow their creativity be explored in designer hats.

Giles Deacon at the opening of ‘Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones’

Is designing hats something you want to do? If so, who in the milliner business inspired you?

Granville Millinery

Should hats become a fashion trend?

It’s good to know that there are videos online which will help you choose the millinery tools you would need in order to create all the designer hats you want and don’t forget if you want to turn you talents into a fashion business … click to go to the Online Fashion Course


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